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Types of Sewing Material

Sewing material comes in all forms, shapes, sizes, prices and dimensions and depending on what you want to make, the options are literally endless. It is easy to get overwhelmed and confused when shopping for fabric but if you are lucky then the person at the fabric store can help you make the right purchase even if you a beginner or even a professional.

Sewing Material and Patterns

In general, if you download or buy a sewing pattern there will usually be a list of fabric which the patterns work with. Take note that other types of material with the same drape and weight will also work for that pattern as well as the ones suggested.

Most patterns will give you the amount needed for whatever size you are making. This is an approximate guess and it recommended you buy a little extra to cover otherwise you might be left with a mini skirt rather than a knee length one! There are even charts and various apps available which will also help you calculate how much fabric you will need.

You don’t have to go to fabric stores and buy material but you can also purchase it online. Through trial and error, you will find the best online fabric shops and the worst. Make sure that a detailed description is available when you are looking at fabric online, this should include country of origin, washing instructions, contents (what it is made of) and the width.

It is recommended though that beginners start their fabric shopping in actual stores because they can feel the fabric and the store assistants can provide advice on the best methods to sew it with.

If you put your mind to it there are so many things you can make with just a piece of fabric from clothes to curtains to sheet to teddy bears and the world is your oyster. All you need is a fun fabric, a working sewing machine, a pattern, basic skills and you are good to go. Have fun and be prepared to experiment because this is how some of the world’s top designers started out!

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