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Get ready for the party with the best leather bag

Have you ever wondered that why most the men and women prefer leather bags in place of other materials. Might, be yes as the main reason is durability and fabric. Leather bags can be used for longer period of time and their color or texture does not get fade. In fact with increase in their life their beauty increases and they look more versatile and effective. Although the market is full with factory made bags, but these days’ handmade leather bags are gaining wide popularity. This is because of the craftsmanship that they display, the bags are hand stitched and they are more than perfect. You can even go for custom bags and get them designed as per your requirements.

Different type of leather bags

There are a number of leather bags that you can buy, but following is the list of some of the popular bag that you can have:

Kelly bags: These days Kelly bag are in great demand. They are a medium sized bag usually in trapezium shape with twp straps. Its bottom has three leather layers that make it enable to stand on ground. They are available in eight sizes and its range lie between 15 cms to 20 cms. Its keys, padlock and other important accessories are made of yellow or gold color.

Clutch: Clutch is a small purse in which you can keep small things like mobile and money. It is a handheld bag which you can carry under arm or by hand. They are usually rectangular in shape but these days they are available in different shapes and sizes. They look very sleek, elegant and look best in parties.

Apart from these, you can get envelope bags, doctors bag, hand bags, backpacks in leather. Getting the right bag will surely add to your style statement.

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